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We have the equipment to do the job right

At Fraser Burrard Diving, we believe that efficient tools make for productive divers. That’s why we own all our own equipment -- so we can make sure the job is done right! Over the past 40 years we have acquired a wide selection of very specialized and unique marine equipment, much of it custom-designed

Designed by professionals for professionals, we have equipment for:

Diver Dredging
Underwater welding and Burning
Concrete placing
Injection Grouting
Hull Cleaning
Tiber and Piling Work
Digital Photography and HD Video
  Heavy Construction
Drilling and Cutting
Placing Flotation
Moving Anchors
Marine Surveys
Pressure Washing

Other specialized Equipment includes:
HDPE Fusion Machines
100,000 pounds of specialized lift bags
Side scan sonar
Towed Underwater Metal Detector
Differential GPS
Satellite Phone
Hyperbaric Chamber (Portable)
Dive Vessels
Small Barge
Work boats