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Welcome to Fraser Burrard Diving Limited
Experience That Counts!

Since 1969, Fraser Burrard Diving Limited has been creating cost-conscious solutions for a wide range of underwater problems. Fraser Burrard has always brought the benefits of an engineering approach to all our contracts. We can effectively analyze the problem and, based on our extensive experience, suggest and implement the best way to solve it.

Our business is based on personal contact and service. While we are one of the largest diving operations in Canada, clients know they can count on us for a fast, professional response at an affordable price. And with our specialized teamwork, we have developed a reputation for being able "to do the impossible!”

Fraser Burrard  is a 100% Canadian owned and operated commercial diving firm located in Delta BC and works throughout Western Canada. Fraser Burrard Diving is a member of the CADC (Canadian Association of Diving Contractors).

Fraser Burrard Diving is a full service commercial diving company, all divers and crew are WCB/CSA certified. Crew and equipment can be deployed quickly to respond to emergency calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Fraser Burrard Diving's number one focus is safety, we are continually adapting procedures, qualifications, and equipment to stay on the cutting edge as safety requirements evolve. Fraser Burrard Diving is in excellent standings with Work Safe BC.

Services offered by Fraser Burrard Diving include: Underwater construction, Maintenance, Salvage, Inspections, Welding, Burning, Jetting, Dredging, Demolition, Video, Photography, Consulting,Marine Engineering, Hydrographic Surveys. Fraser Burrard Diving Ltd is experienced in all aspects of underwater work, and have been successful in completing very difficult projects in strong current, zero visibility, cold temperatures, to depths of 50 + metres.